Tax and Advisory Services

Tax and Advisory Services

Our Tax Team will be providing our clients with tax preparation, tax planning and management, making sure your business reaching the most tax efficient. We will advise you on how to structure your transactions in a tax-efficient way.

Our Head of Tax Team is a member of IKPI (Ikatan Konsultan Pajak Indonesia) or Indonesian Tax Consultant Association, to assure our team meets a high standard of professionalism recognized in Indonesia.

We also have partnership with T&Y Consulting, a Tax and Law Consulting Firm for further assistance in Tax Court.

other services

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Your bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting are taken care by our bookkeeping team. We will send your financial reports in a real time.

Training and Support

As an MYOB Partner for more than 10 years experience, we provide MYOB Training, both for browser-based software (MYOB Essentials) and desktop/on-line software (MYOB AccountRight).

Financial Audit and Assurance

Our services of financial audit focuses on assisting potential interested stakeholders to have clear and understandable picture of a company financial performance and conditions, and then make proper decisions out of it.